Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Little Wyatt... WaTcH Yo MoUtH hahaha

I mean it is kinda Funny tho!!!

Wyatt says to me: "Mom, so dad is my partner, but you, YOU'RE MY SILLIEST GOOSE"

~oh man I wish he didn't know me so well already hahahhahahahahahahaha~

Wyatt says to Kierstin: "Hey babe"

Me to Wyatt: "Dont call girls babe please Wyatt"

Wyatt to Kierstin: whisper "Baaaaaabe"

Me to Wyatt: "Hey I can still hear you, so... where in the world did you hear that?"

Wyatt to me: (well I won't quote this one but lets just say it wasn't his female parent LOL)

Me to Wyatt: "Welp bud, you can only call your girlfriend that and you can't have one of those till you get home from your mission"

Wyatt to Kierstin: "ummmmmmmmm HeY DuDe"

~bahahahahhahaha nice save Wyatt hahahahahahahaa~

Niiiiiice Roddy... Nice
I walk in the bathroom to find Roddy's masterpiece first thing this morning :} I mean he is just so cute!!! And he was pretty dang proud of it too!!

Aaaahhhhh Brothers...
So Wyatt was "flying like a rocket with bullets" the other day and busted his lip. It was bleeding just a little and I gave him a washcloth which made it all better... UnTiLL his little brother wanted to steal it, SOOO needless to say Roddy ended up with one of his very own and was looking up to his older brother for all skill needed to tend a sore lip!!! I just thought this pic captured those "sibling moments" so perfectly!!!

it was AMAZING!!!

SaLt LaKe CiTy

I wish I could really put into words how wonderful this experience was. I have planned this trip multiple times and it just never quite worked out but this time, THIS TIME it did :)
It was cRaZy... I mean we left @ 9pm Thursday, got there @ 10am Friday, I went to the 1pm session, we hung around for a little while and then left @ 6pm to return home @ 7am Saturday {Don't fret we stopped off for a nice hot shower @ the flying J truck stop ~which by the way is totally not as scary as it sounds hahahahaha}
All in all the trip was fun but the Temple was WONDERFUL. There is definitely a reason I have always wanted to go and do that... My testimony has grown and I am so grateful!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


WhAtS ThIs???

I'm finally on my way to SLC!!! A friend of mine was driving and welp I'm gettin in for the ride and I am finally guna see Salt Lake! I have wanted to go to Temple square for years and although I have planned @ least 3 trips something always changes... NOT THIS TIME!

MoRe ImPoRtAnTlY ThOuGh:

Roddy Jay is starting to talk and it is so freakin cute!!! He literally points at me and tells me no! Amongst mismash of trying to talk and saying mamma dadda and some crazy form of Wyatt he just loves to jibber jabber!!! He also is starting to stand all by his lonesome! Not so much for the walkin yet but that will come soon enough... Take your time little boy, once you walk you are all grown up in the blink of an eye :(

Friday, November 5, 2010

happy friday

friday night and i feel better. the huge weight i had in my chest is gone... my boys are back and here till wednesday morning and I feel whole :) I LOVE THESE BOYS TO PIECES!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

SoMe oF mY fAv'S :}

Halloween 2010!

Well we got to celebrate Halloween a week early YIPPEE! Wyatt was Buzz Lightyear (and very pumped about it) and Roddy well he adorned a lovely elephant!!! We went to Cruces and had a blast @ Brooke's mom & dads annual Halloween party {that by the way is such a tradition I attended in High School}!!! Our kids had a blast together and no suprise so did we! I wish I had a picture of Heber.. he made and amazing Luigi!!!

L to R - London, Wyatt, Calla, Cooper and Roddy in front

Well Buzz was really fast so this is one of the few pics I was able to steal!
Good thing 80's style is totally back... all our digs were VERY easy to come by!

Thanks Brooke for the AMAZING Halloween! Love ya!