Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Little Wyatt... WaTcH Yo MoUtH hahaha

I mean it is kinda Funny tho!!!

Wyatt says to me: "Mom, so dad is my partner, but you, YOU'RE MY SILLIEST GOOSE"

~oh man I wish he didn't know me so well already hahahhahahahahahahaha~

Wyatt says to Kierstin: "Hey babe"

Me to Wyatt: "Dont call girls babe please Wyatt"

Wyatt to Kierstin: whisper "Baaaaaabe"

Me to Wyatt: "Hey I can still hear you, so... where in the world did you hear that?"

Wyatt to me: (well I won't quote this one but lets just say it wasn't his female parent LOL)

Me to Wyatt: "Welp bud, you can only call your girlfriend that and you can't have one of those till you get home from your mission"

Wyatt to Kierstin: "ummmmmmmmm HeY DuDe"

~bahahahahhahaha nice save Wyatt hahahahahahahaa~

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